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Revue Mystique - Zebra Stelzentheater
Camera & Cut by Nina Deyringer

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All One Journey

A collection of photographs and insights of a traveling soul. Translated into 8 Languages. by Nina Deyringer
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About me


Nina Deyringer
Designer, Photographer & Art Director



  • BA of Arts, Multimedia Arts
    London / Munich
  • MBA for Cultural Management
    Rio de Janeiro
  • Designer for Sustainability
    Gaia Education
  • Languages:
    German, English, Portuguese (BR), Spanish


"Design is creativity with strategy"

Rob Curedale
"My approach is to get a sense for the person, company or institution, that would like to get a new logo. With this impression I try to translate their identity into colour, shape and design."

Nina Deyringer

"Design is where
science and art break even."

Robin Mathew
"I used to work as a web designer from the early ages of internet. So I experienced over the years a great shift in the process of interactive design. I used to take part in usability testig and was writing my theses about the importance of icons in perception of interactive media: check it out..."

Nina Deyringer

“Creativity is nothing but
a mind set free.”

Torrie T. Asai
"Originally my artworks were handmade and from scratch. My professional path lead me to create artworks in digital form. Graphic design is a mix of Typography, Photos, Colour, Shapes and Communication"

Nina Deyringer

“Film is like thought.
It’s the closest to the
thought process of any art.”

John Huston
" Videography is a combination of photography, design, rhythm and musicality."

Nina Deyringer

"Photography is
an instant of time,
altering life by holding still"

Dorothea Lang)
"Photography became a big passion, when starting traveling the world... Capturing the present moment and turning it into a lasting memory."

Nina Deyringer


+49 171 4038797
Munich, Germany
Rio, Brazil