Design, Media & Art Portfolio by Nina Deyringer

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Graphic Design Portfolio

Flyer - Folder - Poster - Banner - Business cards - Illustrations - Web Design
>Big banner design
        Roll-up Banner Design for Del Vecchio Dance
>Poster Design
   Poster Design for Salsa Dance Festival
Flyer Design for Dance Workshop
Flyer Design for Del Vecchio Dance
Flyer Design for Dance Workshop

Flyer Design for Del Vecchio Dance
Print Folder Design for Praxis & Therapy

Flyer Design for Portal Theta Brazil

Flyer Design for Hetec GmbH

Advertisement & Photo Collage for Hetec GmbH

Webdesign for Büchele GmbH Garden Design

Webdesign für Panasonic - (2001)
Website Design /CMS for Qigong & Therapy

Website & Design for Yeni Toro - Singer & Songwriter - 2022

Website & Design for - 2021
Website Design for AWA Hotel - 2019

Website / Design for - 2021

Website & Design for Studio - 2023

Photography Portfolio

People - Nature - Artists- Fashion - Brazil

Artwork Portfolio

Here you find a selection of my Drawings, Paintings & Photo Collage Art

Video Portfolio

"Viaje de la Luna" by La Nina - Music video (2023)
Music Composition & Lyrics / Visual Concept / Video Cut / Postproduction

"Força maior" by Diogo Nogueira - Music video (2020)
Visual Concept / Cut / Postproduction

13:20 Natural Time Dance (2021)
Choreography / Cut / Postproduction

Revue Mystique - Zebra Stelzentheater (2007)
Camera & Cut


Cookbook "Worldwide vegan"

Delightful plant-based recipes from 24 cultures around the world

All One Journey

A collection of photographs and insights of a traveling soul. Translated into 8 Languages. by Nina Deyringer
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About me


Nina Deyringer
Designer, Photographer, Artist,
Author, Composer, Art Director



  • BA of Arts, Multimedia Arts
    London / Munich
  • Designer for Sustainability
    Gaia Education, Rio de Janeiro
  • Languages:
    German, English, Portuguese (BR), Spanish


"Design is creativity with strategy"

Rob Curedale
  • Logo Design
  • Identity
  • Branding

    "My approach is to get a sense for the person, company or institution, that would like to get a new logo. With this impression I translate their abstract identity into a visual identity of colour, shape and design."

    Nina Deyringer

“Creativity is nothing but
a mind set free.”

Torrie T. Asai
  • Print Flyer & Folder Design
  • Banner & Poster Design
  • Social Media & Online Design
  • Business Cards

"Graphic design is a mix of typography, photos, and colourful elements communicating your ideas to the target audience in a pleasant way. Originally my artworks are handmade drawings and paintings from scratch. My professional path in the last decades led me to create artworks in digital form."

Nina Deyringer

"Design is where
science and art break even."

Robin Mathew
"Over the last decade, interface and web design experienced a great shift. Studies of perceptual psychology and usability improvement helped to create interface design standards, that guarantee a quick navigation through websites.

Recently, due to multiple screen formats like smart phones, responsive design became an important asset.

Read more about web design in my BA theses about analysis on perception, understanding and design criteria to improve the usability of interactive media (german).

Nina Deyringer

"Photography is
an instant of time,
altering life by holding still"

Dorothea Lang
  • Nature Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • People & Portrait
  • Baby & Pregnancy

"Photography became a passion, when starting traveling the world... Capturing the present moment and turning it into a lasting memory."

Nina Deyringer

“Film is like thought.
It’s the closest to the
thought process of any art.”

John Huston
  • Camera
  • Cut

" Videography is a combination of photography, rhythm and musicality."

Nina Deyringer


+49 171 40.38.797
Munich, Germany